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Nevsky Hotel Express

Tsentralny district, Nevsky Prospekt 91, Saint Petersburg Map
Nevsky Hotel Express Photos
15 reviews

Ave Caesar

Tsentralny district, Bolshaya Konushennaya Str.25, Saint Petersburg Map
Ave Caesar Photos
7 reviews

Rossi Boutique Hotel

Tsentralny district, Nab.Reki Fontanki 55, Saint Petersburg Map
Rossi Boutique Hotel Photos
28 reviews

Comfort on Chekhova

Tsentralny district, Chekhova Ulitsa 2 door code 12, Saint Petersburg Map
Comfort on Chekhova Photos
8 reviews

Nautilus Inn

Krasnogvardeisky district, Rizhskaya Ulitsa 3, Saint Petersburg Map
Nautilus Inn Photos
9 reviews

33 Amenities

Tsentralny district, Vosstaniya Ulitsa 36, Saint Petersburg Map
33 Amenities Photos
9 reviews

RA Nevsky 44

Tsentralny district, Nevsky Prospekt 44 Map
RA Nevsky 44 Photos
12 reviews

Suvorov Hotel

Tsentralny district, 5-ya Sovetskaya Str.3/13 Map
Suvorov Hotel Photos
6 reviews

Pushkin Hotel

Tsentralny district, Pushkinskaya Str.15 Map
Pushkin Hotel Photos
7 reviews

Elegant Hotel

Naberezhnaya Fontanki 52 Map
Elegant Hotel Photos
5 reviews

Located on the banks of the Fontanka River, this mini-hotel offers rooms with free Show more