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Champa Hotel

KM 2, 13 Southern Road, Pakse district, Pakse Map
Champa Hotel Photos

Champa Hotel is a 15-minute drive from Pakse Airport. Show more

Salachampa Hotel

Lakmeuang Village, Pakse District, Pakse Map
Salachampa Hotel Photos

Located in the centre of Pakse, Salachampa Hotel offers simply furnished rooms and Show more

Pakse Mekong Hotel

No 062 Khemkong Road, Pakse District, Champasak, Laos, Pakse Map
Pakse Mekong Hotel Photos

Pakse Mekong Hotel is a 1-minute walk to Mekong River. Show more

Phommala Hotel

Ban Phonsavanh, Pakse District, Pakse Map
Phommala Hotel Photos

Phommala Hotel is just a 5-minute drive from Centre Market of Pakse. Show more

Somvang Hotel

Ban Phonsavanh, Salakiewlongchom Street, , Pakse Map
Somvang Hotel Photos

Somvang Hotel is a 5-minute walk from Mekong River. Show more

Daovieng 1 Hotel

13 Road, Houay Ngangkham, KM 7, Pakse District, Chanpasak Province, Lao PDR, Pakse Map
Daovieng 1 Hotel Photos

Daovieng 1 Hotel is a 20-minute drive to Pakse Airport. Show more

Daovieng 2 Hotel

13&35 Road, Phonesay Village, Pakse District, Champasak Province, Lao PDR, Pakse Map
Daovieng 2 Hotel Photos

Daovieng 2 Hotel is located a 10-minute drive from Pakse Airport. Show more

Lankham Hotel

No 133, 13 Southern Road, Lakmeaung Village, Pakse Map
Lankham Hotel Photos

Lankham Hotel offers comfortable rooms, a 10-minute drive from Pakse Airport. Show more

Champa Muang Xam Hotel

KM 21 Road, No. 38 , Pakse District, Pakse Map
Champa Muang Xam Hotel Photos

Comfortable rooms are provided at Champa Muang Xam Hotel, a 5-minute drive from Show more

Champasak Grand Hotel

Lao Nippon Bridge Mekong Riverside Road, P.O.Box 419, Champasak Province, Lao PDR Map
Champasak Grand Hotel Photos

Champasak Grand Hotel is a 15-minute ride from Pakse Airport. Show more

Mely 1 hotel

Houyangkham village, No. 38 road Map
Mely 1 hotel Photos

Mely 1 hotel is a convenient 20-minute drive to Pakse Airport. Show more

Mely 2 Hotel

Houngkhayon, 13 Southern Road,Laos Map
Mely 2 Hotel Photos

Mely 2 Hotel provides comfortable rooms and on-site parking facilities. Show more

Lao Chaleun Hotel

Wat Luang Village Map
Lao Chaleun Hotel Photos

Located a 10-minute drive to Pakse Airport, Lao Chaleun Hotel offers free Wi-Fi Show more